Hisonic’s transformers are used in a large variety of industrial electronics applications including airborne navigation and communications systems.

Whether you need a simple inductor, common mode choke or a more exotic configuration, Hisonic can engineer and manufacture an inductor that meets your needs.
Hisonic has an in-house engineering capability with unmatched experience in engineering reliable transformers, inductors, common mode chokes and other magnetic components for 400 Hz power applications.
Hisonic’s MIL-PRF-27 components are used in missile launcher systems, ground systems, man pack radios and GPS receivers.
Hisonic manufacturers a number of planar transformers and inductors.  We can custom engineer and manufacture a planar solution for you.
Hisonic’s engineers have pioneered many passive filter networks for use in satellite communications, base band separation, EMI and telecommunications applications.
Hisonic can manufacture complete assemblies to your specifications to reduce your manufacturing time and provide simpler packaging or heat sink requirements.