We'll manufacture a planar that meets your needs.

Hisonic has built their reputation on custom transformer and inductor designs. We are aware of the unique space and weight constraints that affect our customer’s applications in the field. Hisonic can manufacture planar transformers that meet your specific needs.

Over the years we have learned that planar transformers and inductors present their own set of unique challenges. overcome these difficulties by utilizing multi-layer circuit boards to reduce the risks of moisture damage and the effects of parasitics in our assemblies.

Planar solution for your project starting with a variety of custom core sizes, and working our way outwards to through-hole or surface mount terminals. Each step of our design process will take into account quality standards and ease of use. Our planar transformers and inductors are even a perfect fit for your automated pick and place equipment lines. 

Check out our current selection of small form factor planar transformers and inductors, or give us a call to learn more about the custom engineered solutions we have for you.