We'll manufacture a filter that meets your needs.

Hisonic’s engineers have pioneered many passive filter networks for use in satellite communications, base band separation, EMI and telecommunications applications. We can manufacture filters in many different network configurations with special attenuation shapes and controlled delays.


Hisonic manufactures a wide variety of filters including the following configurations:

  • EMI
  • RFI low pass
  • high pass
  • band pass
  • band reject
  • phase and attenuation equalization
  • compensation networks

Temperature Range:

  • -55 to 130°C

Frequency Range:

  • Up to 200 MHz normal, extensions to 1.3GHz for some configurations.

Power Range:

  • Signal – microwatt to milliwatts
  • EMI/RFI/Power – Up to 1500 W

Current Range:

  • Up to 250 A on RFI/EMI/Power