We'll manufacture a MIL-PRF-27 transformer that meets your needs.

Hisonic provides MIL-PRF-27 transformers on many programs and to many of the leading Defense contractors including Lockheed Martin, Raytheon and Boeing. Transformers are available in Grades 4,5,6 and Class S and V (other classes available on request). Hisonic’s MIL-PRF-27 components are used in missile launcher systems, ground systems, man pack radios and GPS receivers.

Our experience includes:

  • 400 Hz MIL-PRF-27 Single-Phase Power Transformers – in Class 4,5 6  and able to operate in environments with high temperature and vibration. Power ratings from 5 to 500 VA.
  • 400 Hz MIL-PRF-27 Toroid Transformers Grade 5 encapsulated with low outgassing epoxy suitable for high altitudes.
  • 400 Hz Mil-PRF-27 3-Phase Transformers Grade 5 encapsulated with fixed or floating inserts Power ratings to 1800VA.
  • Miniature Mil-PRF-27 Transformers various configurations for military electronics, avionics and missile applications.