400 Hz

We'll manufacture the 400 Hz power transformer or inductor that meets your needs.

Hisonic manufactures a diverse line of 400 Hz power transformers and inductors for many of the world’s leading avionics manufacturers. We have an in-house engineering capability with unmatched experience in engineering reliable transformers, inductors, common mode chokes and other magnetic components for 400 Hz power applications. We have engineered and produced a wide range of designs including single phase, 3-phase, and multi-phase (n-phase or polyphase) 400 Hz transformers. Contact us for assistance in locating and/or modifying a design to meet your needs.

400 Hz Types

Hisonic has extensive experience in manufacturing transformer and inductor products for 400 Hz applications.

  • Single Phase 400 Hz Transformers
  • 3-Phase 400 Hz Transformers
  • N-Phase (also called multi-phase or poly phase) 400 Hz Transformers
  • 400 Hz Chokes
  • 400 Hz Common Mode Chokes


400 Hz transformers and inductors can be manufactured with a variety of terminals for use in your application including:

  • Self-leaded – The magnet wire used for winding is cut to length and tinned for soldering. Insulating sleeving can be added if desired.
  • Lead Set – Insulated wires are soldered to the magnet wire and cut to length and tinned.
  • Surface Mount (SMT) Leads – The coil is wound on a bobbin or set in a carrier or case with leads suitable for surface mount.
  • Chassis mounting – Coil is supplied with brackets for chassis mount. Can be supplied with either lead wires or solder lugs

Let us know your requirements and we can suggest a suitable mounting option.

Case Styles

Hisonic’s 400 Hz transformers have a variety of case options to choose from. These include:

  • Open Un-cased 
  • Potted in Epoxy or Diallyl Case
  • Molded cases
  • Metal can for shielding
  • Special heat sink plate arrangements
  • Multi-coil transformer packages

Our engineering team can help you pick a case style that will work with your size, weight and environmental requirements.