We'll manufacture a transformer that meets your needs.

Whether you need a transformer for a switch mode power supply, signal isolation and/or impedance matching, or a high voltage flyback transformer, Hisonic can manufacture a transformer that meets your needs. Hisonic’s transformers are used in a large variety of industrial electronics applications including airborne navigation and communications systems.

Transformer Types

Hisonic manufactures a wide variety of transformers including the following configurations:
  • Pot core transformers (All types)
  • Laminated core transformers
  • Tape wound core transformers
  • Single phase, 3-phase and multi-phase transformers

Choose from several lines of standard transformers or Hisonic can engineer a custom transformer to meet your requirements.  Contact us for help in finding a transformer that works for you.

Mounting Options

Hisonic can manufacture transformers with a wide variety of mounting options to meet your mechanical requirements. Just a few of the numerous potential types of mounting options include: 

  • Leads for Surface Mount (SMT)
  • Pins for through hole printed circuit boards
  • Chassis mounting brackets with lead wires or solder lugs

Case Options

Hisonic’s transformers have a variety of case options to choose from. These include:

  • Open frame or Un-cased
  • Potted in Epoxy or Diallyl Case
  • Molded cases
  • Metal can for shielding
  • Special heat sink plate arrangements
  • Multi-coil transformer packages.

Our engineering team can help you pick a case style that will work with your size, weight and environmental requirements.