Conflict Minerals Policy

HiSonic fully supports the initiatives set forth by the EICC (Electronics Industry Citizenship Coalition) and the GeSI (Global e-Sustainability Initiative) pertaining to “Conflict Minerals.” We encourage all our suppliers to take the appropriate steps to continuously monitor both direct and indirect supply chain functions to avoid the procurement or use of “Conflict Minerals.”

Visit our Conflict Minerals page for more information.

Counterfeit Materials Policy

A “Counterfeit” items is an item, or any component thereof, produced, altered or otherwise misrepresented to resemble another item without authority or right to do so. This includes any item that is produced or altered to result in Buyer being misled or defrauded through the presentation of such item as original, new, genuine or otherwise from a source other than the actual source of such item. Additionally, this includes items that have been deemed surplus or scrap, reconditioned, recovered or re-manufactured.