Packaging Options

The following is a sample of some of  the packaging options that we offer for our inductors, transformers and  custom assemblies. Hisonic has designed custom packaging to meet the most demanding environments. Don't see what you need?Contact our Engineering team for assistance in modifying  one of our existing designs or in developing a custom package to meet your specifications.

Sample parts
Packaging Style Description and Characteristics

Chassis/PCB Mount

Uncased Toroid

 Uncased Leaded Toroid, self leads

Supplied uncased - mount with adhesive or toroid mounting kit - Low cost suitable for benign environments - available with dip or vacuum impregnates.

Uncased Pot Core

 Uncased Pot Core, self leads

Supplied uncased - mount with screw, washer and optional rubber insulator. Clamped or glued core (High temperature glue suitable for up to 130C). - Low cost - available with dip or vacuum impregnates.

 Potted Laminated Core with wire leads

 Chassis Mount with Wire Leads

Epoxy potted with wire leads for connections

Transformer with Solderable Lugs

 Chassis Mount, Solderable Lugs

Lugs for soldering, various sizes and shapes for currents up to 20A.

High Current Lugs for Transformers and Inductors

 Chassis Mount, High Current Lugs

Solder lugs or threaded lugs, various sizes and shapes - For high current (up to 150A).

Surface Mount

Transformer with SMT Leads  SMT Leaded laminated core SMT Leads

Surface Mount leads for miniature pot cores, laminated cores and toroids. Various sizes and lead forms available.

PCB Mount (through-hole)

Inductor with preformed leads


 Pre-formed leads

Custom designed headers, pre-formed leads of various shapes and diameters, metal bases with inserts suitable for heat-sinking.

Transformer with cut-to-length leads


 Cut-to-length leads

Round leads with diameters from .010" to .060" any length required. Tinned to any length.

Transformer with stamped leads for PCB mount

 Stamped Leads for PCB

Stamped leads for through-hole soldering.

Case Styles

Magnetically Sheilded Transformer

 Magnetically Shielded Case

Metal case (variety of sizes and styles as required) for magnetic shielding - Used where shielding is required, parts are typically potted.

Transformer with molded case

  Molded Case

Special molded case designs for critical applications. (style shown includes integral capacitor and resistor).

Transformer with cut-to-length leads



Potted construction with offset mounting for PCB wash.

Transformer with stamped leads for PCB mount

Open Style on base

Pot core on plastic base (or bobbin) with PCB or SMT pins. Available with dip or vacuum impregnation.
Hermetically sealed case

 Hermetically Sealed Case

Metal Case, potted, up to 155C
Case sample

 Potted in Case

Available with Epoxy, Epoxy Glass, Metal and plastic cases, potted, up to 155C

Special Assemblies

Assembly with Multiple coils

 Multi coil packages

Compact package with heat sink plate on bottom designed to be mounted in routed out portion of PCB with contact to heat sink below. Holds up to five coils. SMT and PCB leads available. (shown with cover removed).

Hermetically sealed multi-coil or filter asseblies 


 Multi-Coil, Hermetically sealed

Single and Multi-coil and/or filter assemblies in hermetically sealed cans with connectors or glass insulated terminals as required.


Varnish Dip

 Varnish or Epoxy Impregnated

Impregnated with varnish or epoxy, one or more dips, oven cured, - Low cost- (part shown is suitable for high voltage to 4000Vrms).

Inductor with Vacuum Potted Epoxy

 Vacuum Potted Epoxy

Vacuum Potted in epoxy - suitable for extreme environments.